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Hatchet - 2

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Hatchet - 3 






by Gary Paulsen


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Hatchet Survival Guide Project


"Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen is a story of survival.  What does survival mean to you? 

Do you think that people may have a different perspective on the meaning of survival?  Explain. 


Chapters 1-3      Chapters 4-5       Nonfiction article: "What Would Peter Do?"   


Flashbacks Lesson   Chapters 6-7     Items for survival group activity       Wildlife Webquest     Chapters 8-10     


Imagery Lesson     Writing Activity      Chapters 11-13     Flashbacks Writing Activity       Chapters 14-15


  Chapters 16-17      Chapters 18-Epilogue       Facebook Activity       Hatchet Study Guide






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