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Book Reports

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http://www.webenglishteacher.com/bookreports.html - Book Report Ideas


http://www.bookhooks.com/browse.cfm?searchby=Author&searchword=%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20R.L.%20Stine - Book Reviews


http://www.abcteach.com/directory/teaching_extras/book_report_forms/ - Book Report Forms



http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson135/bookmark_planning.pdf - Book Report Bookmark Planning Sheet


http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson135/bookmark_rubric.pdf - Bookmark Book Report Rubric



http://readwritethink.org/materials/cd-dvd/ - CD/DVD Cover Creator 


http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/comic/index.html - Comic Book Creator


http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson195/comic-strip-planning.pdf - Comic Strip Planner



Biography Book Report


* 2012 - 2013 - Book Approved by Dec. 3, 2012; Book Report Due Wed., Jan. 23, 2013!


Award and the Winner is - Biography Book Report.pdf













Mt. Rushmore Book Report

Monument-MtRushmore[ Book Report.pdf


http://www.teachersdesk.org/readreport.html - Book Report Recipe 


Cereal Box Book Report Instructions.pdf - Cereal Box Book Report Instructions

Cereal Box Book Report Rubric.pdf - Cereal Box Book Report Rubric


Trading Card Book Report


Trading Cards Book Report


          For your  book report you will be designing trading cards. These cards will be designed to be somewhat like giant postcards. You will be required to illustrate one side and provide information on the other side – just like a postcard!  You will create four separate topic cards.


            4 Topic Cards:

1.)    A main character card.

2.)    A setting (place) card.

3.)    A mood (general feeling) card.

4.)    A conflict or problem card.





On one side of each trading card you will create a picture to go with your topic- a picture of the character, or setting, mood, or conflict.




On the other side, you will give all the information we need to know about that aspect or part of the book.

(For example, if it is the character topic card, we should get ALL of the information we need in order to have a true sense of that character.)





  • ·         You may create a collage, use individual pictures from magazines or download pictures from the internet.
  • ·         You may hand draw a picture or trace a picture.
  • ·         You may use paint, glue or crafts items.



  • ·         The MORE information you write on the info side, the better you will do!
  • ·         Be sure to spell words correctly – you may handwrite or type and paste.
  • ·         Remember to put YOUR NAME, the AUTHOR’S NAME, and the TITLE OF THE BOOK on the information side of each card!




Mystery Book Report

Mrs. Rooney – Language Arts


Hi Detectives!  You will be creating a Mystery Book Report!

Create a WANTED POSTER for the villain of the story.  Include a detailed sketch and physical description, list of known hang-outs, at least 5 character traits (they don’t all have to be negative), and short (minimum 3 sentences) description of the “misdeeds” of the villain using at least 6 words from our Mystery Vocabulary Words.  Your WANTED POSTER should be creative and colorful!  Remember, you are out to catch this villain, and you need all the help you can get!



Book Approved by Deadline                                                                   5  Pts.     ­_______

Use of Mystery Vocabulary                                                                   15 Pts.     _______

Description of Misdeeds        (Short Sentences –Min. of 3)          15 Pts.    ­­_______

Detailed Sketch & Physical Description                                           20 Pts.     _______

List of Known Hang-Outs                                                                       15 Pts.     _______

Character Traits (Min. of 5)                                                                   15 Pts.     _______

Creativity/Colorful                                                                                   15 Pts.     _______

                                                                                                                      100 Pts.     _______



99 Adjectives to Describe Any Book 



1. action-packed

2. addictive

3. adventurous

4. amusing

5. astonishing

6. awe-inspiring

7. believable

8. breath-taking

9. brilliant

10. boring

11. captivating

12. charismatic

13. charming

14. comforting

15. complex

16. complicated

17. confusing

18. conversational

19. creepy

20. dangerous

21. dark

22. dazzling

23. deceptive

24. deep

25. devious

26. diverse

27. dreary

28. dynamic

29. easy-to-read

30. educational

31. elusive

32. emotional

33. enchanting

34. engaging

35. entertaining

36. erratic

37. evocative

38. evolving

39. exciting

40. exhilarating

41. fanciful

42. fascinating

43. flexible

44. futuristic

45. glorious

46. goofy

47. glamorous

48. gripping

49. gross

50. haunting

51. heartbreaking

52. heartfelt

53. heart-wrenching

54. hilarious

55. historical

56. informative

57. insightful

58. inspirational

59. intense

60. intriguing

61. invigorating

62. life-like

63. magnificent

64. memorable

65. mind-numbing

66. motivating

67. mysterious

68. mystical

69. nonsensical

70. obnoxious

71. poignant

72. powerful

73. predictable

74. prolific

75. realistic

76. real

77. pager-turner

78. redundant

79. repetitive

80. riveting

81. romantic

82. scary

83. silly

84. simple

85. spectacular

86. spell-binding

87. spine-tingling

88. surprising

89. tear-jerking

90. terrifying

91. thought-provoking

92. touching

93. tragic

94. triumphant

95. twisted

96. unexpected

97. unique

98. whimsical

99. witty




Grade 6:  Biography Rubric – Written Report


Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

The biography identifies why this person is important. 

The writing shows clear and thorough insight into the person’s character (motivations, opinions, personality traits, achievements and obstacles) and supports the writer’s choice of outstanding leader.

Information about the person’s character is evident which clearly support the writer’s choice of outstanding leader.

Information about the person’s character is provided which loosely connect to the writer’s choice of outstanding leader.

Limited information about the person’s character is provided which may not clearly connect, or only superficially connects, to the writer’s choice of outstanding leader.

The biography follows relevant and accurate events in chronological order.

Strong and insightful descriptions of accurate and relevant key facts, events and examples are given in logical order, which reveal the subject’s character.

Accurate and relevant key facts, events and/or examples are given in logical order, which reveal the subject’s character.

Key facts, events and/or examples are simplistic and loosely connected the subject’s character.  A logical order is somewhat maintained.

Facts, events and/or examples are limited and may not connect to the subject’s character.  Events are difficult to follow as a logical order has not been maintained.

The tone of the text is engaging and descriptive.

The tone of the text is thoughtful and clearly supports the writer’s purpose. The writer effectively maintains an engaging voice and provides a vivid portrait into the subject.

The tone of the text supports the writer’s purpose.  Primarily an engaging voice is used that provides an overall positive image of the subject.

The tone of the text is recognizable but lacks the depth that is necessary to support the writer’s purpose.

The tone of the text is lacking and may not support the writer’s purpose.

Grade-appropriate writing conventions are followed.

(This will be assessed prior to teacher editing.)

Spelling is generally correct, even on more difficult words and punctuation is accurate.  A thorough understanding and consistent application of capitalization skills are present.  Grammar is correct and contributes to clarity and style.  The biography is very close to being ready to publish.

Spelling is usually correct, but more difficult words are problematic.  End punctuation is usually correct; internal punctuation is sometimes missing/wrong.  Most words are capitalized correctly.  Problems with grammar are not serious enough to confuse meaning.  Moderate editing is required by the teacher to polish the text for publication.

Spelling errors are somewhat apparent.  Punctuation is sometimes missing or incorrect.  Capitalization errors are somewhat apparent.  Several errors in grammar are evident but do not usually affect meaning.  Some editing is required by the teacher to polish the text for publication.

Spelling errors are frequent, even on high frequency words.  Punctuation is often missing or incorrect.  Capitalization is random.  Errors in grammar are very noticeable, frequent, and affect meaning.  Extensive editing is required by the teacher to polish the text for publication.





Book Mosaic

squares should be 4” X 4”

Title of the book

Picture and name

of the main


Picture of the


Vocabulary word

and definition

Picture of the

author and name

Your Choice


Picture of


important to the

main character


Vocabulary word

and definition

A significant


Statement of


Statement of


picture and

caption of


important to the

main character

picture of setting


Simile or




of book

Vocabulary word

and definition

Picture of setting

Statement of



Picture and name

of a main







An Amazon Listing Cumulative Novel Project! Students make their own book listing for a novel they have read. They write a summary, select important quotes, write a review, and more!








Cumulative Novel Project for ANY novel!


Project idea for novel study








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