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by Anna Meyer



Assassin, by Anna Meyer, is a wonderful piece of historical fiction about the events leading to the assassination of President Lincoln. What makes this novel so enthralling, is the perspective from which it is told - that of John Wilkes Booth, and the fictional character of young Arabella Getchel.

 The book has 207 pages. Each chapter the story switches to the viewpoint of a different character.

The story takes place in Washington City (now Washington, D.C.)  during the Civil War (1859).

The plot begins when the young  Arabella, is taken to Washington City from Richmond, Virginia to live with her grandmother after the death of her mother.  Her father is not comfortable with his parental duties and after leaving Arabella with a grandmother she doesn't know,  enlists in the Confederate Army.  She slowly becomes connected to the Union through life in  Washington City.

Arabella meets the idol of the day, a die-hard Confederate named John Wilkes Booth.  Booth is a man of considerable charm, and beguiles "Bella"  with his flattery and promises of acting advice.  He wins her over with his attention and and learns of her love for the father who abandoned her.  Through this information, he persuades her to unwittingly  become involved in his scheme of malevalent intentions.
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Abraham Lincoln Quotes:


May our children and our children's children to a thousand generations, continue to enjoy the benefits conferred upon us by a united country, and have cause yet to rejoice under those glorious institutions bequeathed us by Washington and his compeers.

- October 4, 1862 Speech at Frederick, Maryland

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Name________________________________________    Date_____________________

The following terms are significant to the novel reading, please define terms by Friday.

 Reading Log - Pick five terms and read any news article making a connection to the word.

Abraham Lincoln

John Wilkes Booth

Ford’s Theater


Mary Todd Lincoln




John Brown



President Buchanan



Lincoln Project 


Activity:  Identifying Main Ideas

1.  You will be making 1 power point slide to show the main ideas of part I of the reading.

2.  Use a blank template and add pictures and text boxes.

3.  You will be designing a "Concept Collage" using information from Part I of the story.

4.  You will need to find four pictures from google images that relate to what we have read today.  Each picture must have a caption explaining why you included the picture in your collage.

5.  When you have completed your slide, make sure your name is somewhere on it and drop it into the U:drive, schrooney literacy, Abe Lincoln, slide 1. 


Assassin Topics





Harper’s Ferry, WV

John Brown

Camp songs

John Wilkes lines / quotes

Quakers’ take on slavery

Men / Women / First Ladies’ fashion

of this time period

Fort Delaware

Abraham Lincoln

John Wilkes Booth

Anna Myers

Washington D.C. Then and Now

Assassinations of Presidents

*Book Review Link with

Summaries of Each Chapter

(5 sentences or less)


Civil War Battles

Games and Activities Related to the Book


Gettysburg Address

Emancipation Proclamation

*Important Vocabulary Link (1st word - consumption)

Historical Fiction

*Plot Diagram


Microsoft Excel Chart Wizard -

Connection Between Bella and Wilkes

Favorite Quotes

Fashions of the late 1800’s

Timeline of Events in History - Show where Lincoln’s Assassination Falls

Movie Maker

Audacity Clip

Music / Plays of the Time Period

L’Enfant, Pierre Charles

Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Theories

Civil War Battles / Sites

Ft. Sumter


  - Civil War Assessment - Middle School