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Speculative Writing

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 http://www.holmdelschools.org/schools/satz/eng_dept/Writing%20styles/Speculative%20Writing/MASTER%20speculative.htm - What is Speculative Writing?


http://www.literacycookbook.com//uploaded_files/fck/NJ%20ASK%206-8%20writing%20rubric.pdf NJ Holistic Scoring Guide


http://www.scholastic.com/expo/pdfs/expo_what_happened_next.pdf - Prompt - Scholastic


http://www.holmdelschools.org/schools/satz/eng_dept/Writing%20styles/Speculative%20Writing/MASTER%20speculative.htm - Speculative Writing


http://sampleitems.smarterbalanced.org/itempreview/sbac/ELA.htm - Speculative Test Prep - Complete the Story



http://njaskprompts.wordpress.com/speculative-prompts/ - NJ ASK Speculative Prompts


http://www.holmdelschools.org/schools/satz/eng_dept/Writing%20styles/Speculative%20Writing/prompts.htm - Speculative Prompts


http://www.meredithsuewillis.com/writingexercises1-20.html - Prompts with Pictures - Teens



http://www.ntuaft.com/njcccs/Webpage/Assessments/speculative_writing%205th.htm - Speculative Prompts



http://writingfix.com/right_brain/Story_Starting_Sentences1.htm - Right Brained Prompts




http://teachwrite.com/plotstructure.html - Step Into Speculative Writing





Sensory Words 


 http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/662095-Sensory-Words - Sensory Words


http://slohs.slcusd.org/pages/teachers/jowhite/Sensory%20Words.pdf - Sensory Words




Speculative Prompts

Prompts in honor of the royal wedding: http://njaskprompts.blogspot.com/2011/04/prompts-in-honor-of-royal-wedding.html

New updates can be found here: http://njaskprompts.blogspot.com/

  • The following is the prompt provided by the state as an example. You can find it here.
    •  A young boy busily collected everything he would need to take with him. The next day, as he began to set up his equipment, he realized he was missing a very important piece. He has to decide how to solve this problem. Write a story about the boy, his problem, and what he does to solve it.
  • These prompts were created by Washington Township teachers and submitted by Rosemary Howell.
    • Two good friends were having a problem on the playground. They have to decide how to solve their problem. Write a story about the friends, their problem, and what they do to solve it.
    • The principal has called an important meeting for the entire fifth grade. Everyone is wondering about this meeting. Write a story about why the principal has called this special meeting and how the students react.
    • You are friends with a boy or girl who is sad about something. You are together for the entire afternoon. During this time, your friend is unmotivated to do anything or play with you. You decide to help cheer him or her up. Create a story about your friend who is sad, and explain how you cheer him or her up.
    • A student is trying out for the school talent show. The student feels confident and ready for the audition. However, while waiting to go on stage, he/she finds out that someone else is going to perform the same act. Write a story about the student, his/her problem, and what he/she does to solve it.
    • A young girl is having a sleep over. She has three close friends, but her mother will only allow her to invite two friends to sleep over. Write a story telling about the young girl, her problem, and how she solves it.
    • The principal has made a new school rule. This change is upsetting all of the students. Write a story about the principal’s new rule, why the children are upset by it and what happens next.


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