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Number the Stars - 3

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Number the Stars


Number the Stars - 2


 Ch. 1-5 - contempt (n - feeling of scron toward a person or thing), exasperated (adj. - extremely annoyed), imperious (adj. - bossy or bullying in an arrogant way), intricate (adj - very detailed), sabotage (n - destruction of property or interference with activities as a part of an effort against an enemy)


Ch. 6-11- deftly (adv - in a quick, skillful way), distorted (adj. - twisted out of shape), protrude (v - to stick out), ruefully (adv. - in a regretful or mournful way), tentatively (adv. - with uncertainty)


Ch. 12-17 - rusque  (adj. -rough or abrupt in speech), devastating (adj.-overwhelmingly terrible, quaver (v - to tremble - (often said of a voice)), taut -(adj. - tightly attached)





Journal Entries


Entry 1:

What are some things that you could not live without?  What would life be without them?


Entry 2:

Tell about a time when you stood up for someone else.


Entry 3;

Tell about a time when you teased, picked on, or bullied someone else. Were your actions justified? Why or why not?


Entry 4:

What kinds of people do you see getting picked on?


Entry 5:

Is the topic of bullying blown out of proportion? Or is it a topic that merits discussion?


Respond to the Following Questions Citing the Text as evidence. 


Chapters 1-5


Personal Response:

Were you surprised when the Johansens agreed to take in Ellen? Why?
Recall & Interpret:
1. How does Annemarie behave aournd the German soldiers? How does Kristi? Why might the sisters behave so differently?
2. Contrast the fantasy world of the fairy tale Annemarie tells Kirsti with the reality of the world the girls know. Why might Kirsti be especially in need of hearing fairy tales? Why might fairy tales be comforting to Annemarie?
3. Whom does Ellen pretend to be when the soldiers come to the Johansens? Why?

Evaluate & Connect:

4. Lowry presents events through the eyes of Annemarie. How does Annemarie's incomplete understanding of events help create suspense? Give an example from the novel. 

5. How might the Johansens answer the Focus Question on page 12? How does this answer compare with yours? (Focus Question - Would you ever be willing to risk your life for another person? Under what circumstances?)


Extend Your Response:

Although Lise Johnsen has been dead for several years when this story begins, she is still important to the novel. In your literature group, discuss what you learn about Lise's life, her personality, and her death.  Refer to specific information in the book.  Then discuss the impact that her death has had on her family. What signs are ther that the Johansens have not come to terms with Lise's death? What clues are there at the end of this section that the family's wounds may be starting to heal? Support your conclusions with evidence from Ch. 1-5.


Internet Connection: 

Annemarie has fond memories of Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park in the center of Copenhagen. Research Tivoli Gardens on the Internet to answer the following questions:  When was the Tivoli Garden created? How big is it? What were  its special features when it was designed? What is Tivoli Garden like today?


Ch. 6-11


Complete a chart telling who the person is, what he/she says, and what he or she really means.

Name of Character                  What the Character Says                          What the Character Really Means
Papa                                         Is the weather good for                            Is it a good time for helping the
                                                fishing?                                                    refugees escape?



Personal Response: 

SW write a personal response: According to the personal definition of bravery that you came up with, do you think the Johansens are brave? Explain using textual evidence.
SW analyze literature/NTS: Skills - Recall & interpret text
1. What lie does Uncle Henrik tell Annemarie? Explain why he felt the need to do this using textual evidence.
2. How do Annemarie's experiences in Ch. 6-11 force her to grow up in a way that Ellen is not yet forced to? Explain using textual evidence.
3. Why is Mrs. Johansen's response to the German soldiers so clever? Explain using textual evidence.


Create a Novel Cover for Number the Stars 

 Imagine you are an artist commissioned to create a cover for NTS. Think about the major elements of the novel - the plot, the characters, the theme, the setting, & the symbols, & draw these elements together in a single, unified design to create your cover.


Ch. 12 - 17 



Recall and Interpret:


1 .Why did Mama send Annemarie with the packet for Uncle Henrik instead of taking it herself?

2. How does Annemarie use what her uncle has taught her and her observations of Kirsti’s earlier behavior to deal with the German soldiers?  

3. When Henrik returns from taking the Rosens to Sweden, how does he show that he now regards Annemarie as an equal?


Evaluate & Connect:

4. Why might Lowry have included so many references to people stumbling, tripping, and falling? How are these references important to the plot? How do they contribute to the story's mood & message? 

5. Some people like Annemarie are good at understanding how other people think & feel and use this information to deal with them effectively. How might someone like Annemarie apply this skill to a career? 







http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/bullies_flash.html - Beat the Bully

http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/story_strips_flash.html - Story Strips - SW use interactive site to address scenerios in their lives involving bullying



Internet Workshop

Discuss the conclusion of NTS. Draw comparisons between NTS (historical fiction) & actual historical fact. Participate in an Internet Workshop http://www.pbs.org/daringtoresist/
Read info on Barbara Rodbell (click on "more" at the bottom of each page), & answer the following questions:
1. What did Barbara do once she left her family's apartment in Amserdam? How did she protect herself?
2. Give examples of some ways that Barbara resisted the Nazi Party.
3. What would you have done if you were Barbara Rodbell? Would you have the courage to leave your family knowing that it was possible that you would never see them again?

 Click on the SHULAMIT LACK link at the bottom of the page to read about her (Click "more" at the bottom of each page).
1. How did Shulamit resist the Nazis?
2. What happened to Shula (short for Shulamit) after the escapee turned her in?

Click on Faye Schulman link (Click "more" at the bottom of the pages)
1. What skills did Faye have that helped her survive?
2. What did Faye order done to her family's home? Why?
3. How did Faye resist?

Compare your answers on all 3 women to answer this final question:
In what ways did all 3 women resist? Were there any similarities? Differences? What became of each of the women? Is it what you would have expected after reading their accounts? What would you have done if you were to swap places with one of these 3 women? Would you have the coruage to do what they did? Answer in paragraph form.
When completed, click on the "Daring to Resist Timeline" link to view more about each of the 3 women.




(First Stanza)

I am (2 special characteristics)

I wonder (something you actually are curious about)

I hear (an imaginary sound)

I want (an actual desire)

I am (the first line of the poem restated)


(Second Stanza)

I pretend (something you actually pretend to do)

I fel (a feeling about something imaginary)

I touch (an imaginary touch)

I worry (something that really bothers you)

I cry (something that makes you very sad)

I am (the first line of the poem repeated)


(Third Stanza)

I understand (something you know is true)

I say (something you believe in )

I dream (something you actually dream about)

I try (something you really make an effort about)

I hope (something you acutally hope for)

I am (the first line of the poem repeated)



50 Children - Alan Alda directed & produced - HBO




 The movie tells the extraordinary story of Eleanor and Gilbert Kraus, an upper-middle class Philadelphia couple who left their comfortable home and children and traveled Nazi-occupied Vienna and Germany in 1939 to save 50 Jewish children from certain death in the impending Holocaust.


Were it not for a Philadelphia lawyer and his wife, 50 more children likely would have perished at the hands of the Nazis.


While 50 may sound trifling considering 1.5 million children were killed in the Holocaust, the 50 brought to America represented the largest number of children saved at one time.


The little-known story is told in "50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus," airing on HBO Monday, April 8, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Alan Alda narrates the well-done documentary, which weaves entries from Eleanor Kraus' journals, read by Mamie Gummer. Interviews with survivors and scholars are interspersed with clips and photos detailing the heartbreak of parents begging strangers to take their children.


"Fundamentally, the most important component of it is you see two individuals recognizing the situation in which they might do something or might not," Paul Shapiro, director of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, tells Zap2it. "And they decided to act, and their decision was one of life or death. It is not more dramatic than that. People do have a choice to act or say, 'It is not my problem.'"


Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus were upper-class, and though Jewish, not observant. As they read about the genocide, he became determined to save children. The United States enforced its immigrant quotas. Kraus dealt with the State Department and the Gestapo until securing necessary papers.


"We know for a fact children for whom there were not sufficient visas were sent to their deaths," Shapiro says.


"Occasionally people will say the Holocaust is not an American history," Shapiro adds. "So much in this story reflects American values, and it is an American family that puts themselves at risk to do the right thing and brings the history more clearly to American shores. And of course many of those children became American citizens and lived lives here and made contributions here, and the United States is connected to the history of the Holocaust through what we did and what we didn't do."


   The Germans on the Advent of WWII  

         GIST Template    

         Journal Entries 1,2,3,4,5      

        List actions, facts, events to illustrate

        Friendship b/t Rosens & Johansens

         Active Reading Chart – Character


         Letter to Israeli Prime Minister re: Annemarie Johansen         

        Holocaust Survivor  Helen Handler Article       

       Literary Graffiti

       Postcard in Code


Number the Stars - Help Yourself Study!


What do you know about:
Kirsti, Mr. & Mrs. Rosen, Ellen, Annemarie, Mama & Papa, Uncle Henrik, Peter

the Giraffe


The Resistance

What role did a handkerchief play in the story?

What is a kroner?


Simile - comparing 2 or more things using Like or As

Metaphor - comparing 2 or more things WITHOUT using Like or As

Personification - giving human characteristics to a non-living thing


Which novel characters were in the Resisitance?

Who helped the Jewish people escape and how did he do it?

Who was beloved by the people of Denmark? How did he travel through the streets?

Who was Lise? What really happened to her? Who was she engaged to?

Who owned the Button Shop? What happened to the shop?


Describe the Rosen Family in detail? Include family members, occupations of Papa (job), & religion.

What did Mama lie to Annemarie? Was this the right thing to do? Why or why not?

Why happened to Mama on her return to the boat?


 http://earthrenewal.org/Number%20the%20Stars%20by%20Lois%20Lowery.htm - Open Ended Study Questions

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