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CSI - Forensic Crime Solving

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CSI - Crime Scene Investigation



http://sciencespot.net/Pages/kdzforsci.html - Forensic Science for Kids


http://www.stem-works.com/external/activity/357 - Crash Scene



http://kidsahead.com/subjects/3-forensics/activities/136 - Solve a Murder


http://kidsahead.com/subjects/3-forensics/activities/135 - Two Forks, Idaho - Crime Solving - Be the Medical Examiner who solves this crime!


http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/dillinger/sfeature/sf_whodunit.html# - Whodunnit? ID Bank Robbers with Fingerprints


http://forensics.rice.edu/en/Fun-Stuff/Online-Activities.html - CSI Crime Scene Investigation Games


http://www.nhm.ac.uk/kids-only/fun-games/hair-detective/ - Who stole the Rock Band's Hair Products?





http://kidsahead.com/external/activity/136 - Crime Scene Data Base

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