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http://www.education.com/study-help/article/vowels/ - Spelling & Vowel Sounds Study Guide




The Schwa

The schwa is a vowel sound that is neither short nor long; it can be made by any of the vowels. Because all vowels can make the schwa sound, it is the root of many spelling errors. The schwa is defined as an unstressed and toneless vowel sound. The dictionary shows it as an upside-down e; like this: Words that contain the schwa include fir, major, butter, burr, calendar, about, the, pencil, bishop, supply, adult. As you can see from that list of words, the schwa makes a kind of uh sound, and all the vowels can represent it.

Since all the vowels can make the same schwa sound, you cannot rely on pronunciation to guide you with spelling words that contain the schwa. Instead, you will need to memorize the words. In some instances, you can rely on your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to guide you. Knowing how to spell suffixes containing the schwa will help you to spell words that contain them correctly. Still, most words that contain the schwa sound—like many words in the English language—require you to memorize, plain and simple.


http://www.quia.com/jg/8765.html - Schwa Vowel Games & Quiz

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