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Vocabulary - Reading Street - Unit 3

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Week 1 - Hatchet


hatchet - a small ax with a short handle, for use with one hand

ignite - to set on fire

painstaking - very careful; particular, diligent

registered - to have had some effect; to have made an impression

quill - a stiff, sharp hair or spine like the pointed end of a feather

smoldered - burned & smoked without flame

stiffened -  to have been made or have become rigid; fixed


Amazing Words:


ptarmigan                              solstice

camouflaged                          hibernating

initiative                                motivation

unrestrained                          uncontrollable

exasperation                          self-reliant



Week 2 - When Marian Sang


application - an official request for something, such as a job, an education, or a loan

dramatic - like a drama, of or about plays

enraged - very angry; furious

formal - according to set customs or rules; official; orderly

momentous - very important

opera - a play in which music is an essential & constant part

prejudice - unreasonable dislike of an idea or group of people

privileged - having special rights, advantages, or favor

recital - musical entertainment, usually given by a single performer


Amazing Words:


capability                         enthusiastically

expectancy                       perseverance

upraised                           ideals

conviction                        conquest

ascertaining                     resolution




Week 3 - Learning to Swim


customary - according to custom

emphasized - stressed; called attention to

frantic - very much, excited; wild with rage, fear, pain, or grief

stunned - dazed, bewildered, shocked, overwhelmed

treaded - kept the body straight in the water with the head above the surface by moving the arms & legs


Amazing Words:


tundra                                   trauma

attitude                                 challenges

evactuate                               practicing

cautiously                              serenity

turbulent                               composed



Week 4 - Juan Verdades


confidently - with certainty & sureness; with firm belief

dismounted - got off a horse or bicycle

distressed - unhappy or full of sorrow

flourish - to grow or develop well, to thrive

fulfill - to cause to happen; to accomplish

permission - a consent to allow something to happen

repay - to give back, to return, or to pay back

vigorously - with great strength or energy


Amazing Words:


mercy                                   hope

impressed                            devoted

responsibility                       worthy

forthright                             wholehearted

expectations                         confirmation



http://quizlet.com/122812/juan-verdades-the-man-who-couldnt-tell-a-lie-flash-cards/ - Juan Verdades Quizlet


http://dynamo.dictionary.com/16346/juan-verdades-the-man-who-couldnt-tell-a-lie - Vocabulary Practice Game




Week 5 - Morning Traffic


pawn - in chess one of sixteen pieces of the lowest value

reception - the quality of sound reproduced in a radio or other device

remote - far away; distant

resume - to begin again; to get or take again

rummage - to search in a disorderly way

rustling - moving or acting with energy or speed

simultaneous - existing, done, or happening at the same time


Amazing Words:


disorganization                                   inevitable

complication                                       befallen

bewilderment                                      catastrophe

miscellaneous                                     speculate

trivial                                                 weather-beaten



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