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Conventions - Reading Street - Unit 5

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Unit 5 - Resources - What are resources and why are they important to us?


The View From Saturday - Week 1

How can different generations be resources?


contractions - a shortened form of 2 words. An apostrophe is used to show 1 or more letters have been left 


negatives - words that mean no, not, (no, not, never, none, nothing)



Harvesting Hope - Week 2

How can we combine our resources to make change?


Adjectives - a word that describes a noun or pronoun


Articles - special adjectives: a, an, the



The River That Went to the Sky - Week 3

How can stories be use to explain the workings of nature?


Demonstrative Adjectives - this, that, these, those - They describe which one or which ones

                                           These adjectives can replace a noun


Demonstrative Pronouns - this, that, these, those - point out or indicate specific people



Gold - Week 4

How do we decide the value of different resources?


Comparative Adjectives - Used to compare 2 people, places, things, or groups


Superlative Adjectives - Used to compare 3 or more people, places, things, or groups


small               smaller                    smallest

precious          more precious          most precious



Greensburg Goes Green - Week 5

How are people rethinking Earth's resources?


Adverb - tells how, when, or where something happens


Comparative Adverbs - compare 2 actions (add -er to most adverbs)


Superlative Adverbs - compare 3 or more actions (add -est to many adverbs. If an adverb ends in -ly, add

                                  more or most instead of -er or -est)


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