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Vocabulary - Reading Street - Unit 6

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Week 1 - Don Quixote and the Windmills

How can stories from the past influence our imaginations?


lance - long, wooden spear with a sharp iron or steel head

misfortune - bad luck

quests - expeditions by knights in search of something

renewed - made like new again; refreshed, restored

resound - to echo

squire - young attendant to a knight


Amazing Words:


feudal                                   fortress

chivalry                                 legendary

adventurer                            diversion

envision                                dreamt

sorcerers                               bewitched




Week 2 - Ancient Greece

How have ancient cultures influenced modern ones?


architecture - style or special manner of building

democracy - government that is run by the people who live under it

empire - a group of countries or states under one rule or government

ideal - just as a person would wish; perfect

mythology - a group of legends or stories about a particular country or person


Amazing Words:


agora                              peninsula

acropolis                         mythical

predominant                   city-state

columns                          pavilion

prestigious                      Olympians



Week 3 - The All-American Slurp

How can we understand and appreciate our cultural differences?


disgraced - to have caused a loss of honor or respect

progress - an advance or growth; development, improvement

relish - a side dish or sauce to add flavor to food

retreat - the act of withdrawing

revolting - disgusting,  repulsive

unison - together; as one


Amazing Words:


grateful                         appreciation

astonishment                savory

honor                            respecting

acceptance                    ambassador

etiquette                       inflections




Week 4 - The Aztec News

Must cultural differences lead to conflict?


benefits - things that are for the good of someone or something

campaigns - series of related military operations in a war

comrades - fellow workers of soldiers (often used as a Communism term)

enrich - make rich or richer

foreigners - persons from another country

invaders - enemies who enter with force of attack


Amazing Words:


empire                              dominate

mercenaries                      alliances

tribute                              flourished

complex                           conquistadores

conquest                          treasure




Week 5 - Where Opportunity Awaits

How can migration affect a culture?


burden - something carried; load of things, care, work, or duty

conformed - was/were the same as; agreed with

leisure - free; not busy

mainenance - act of keeping in good repair

rural - in the country

sufficient - enough

urban - typical of cities


Amazing Words:


agonized                                   emigrants

pioneers                                    rigorous

immense                                   momentum

diligently                                  collective

monumental                             optimistic


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