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Point of View

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Point of View Anchor Chart



 Free Printable Point of View Anchor Chart




https://www.teachingmadepractical.com/free-point-of-view-slideshow/ - POV Slideshow


Point of View - Anchor Chart http://theclassroomtourist.edublogs.org/files/2012/06/IMG_9664-1v4y2zl.jpg




Points of View. For interactive notebook.


Anchors Away Monday  {06.02.14} Point of View by Crafting Connections!
















 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/185280972144539565/?od=YGFbnkYAxoS6JV%2FIup6Qw1%2FG02Gsp0nGow3SU0dcEWZIFIojX2ZSl7nEPP20KaEdPHa1omepFFNI%0A67%2BwjdarR9FIJ2GM5uCizElxLBtAszWNlJyR%2Fd9KHo6W2qeX75RRx7JxreW28Np%2B1susvKQbt4B%2B%0Apvr7Calb%2FOxARjHNhPKk68uBVnjkBUftU%2B6cxP9KRoyEt7zvDAda07%2BvWpoxjQ%3D%3D%0A&user_id=V3Jvb25leUB3ZGVwdGZvcmQuazEyLm5qLnVz%0A&conversation=4731094750241753339&invite_code=633ac3c79d657105189ec1d11f0b161e&utm_campaign=msgpin&e_t=4801e1d2a3974fdb8895c347ae151aa1&utm_content=185280972144539565&utm_source=31&e_t_s=cta&utm_medium=2000 - Point of View - Youtube



Point of View Questions



1. Define first person point of view.
2. Define third person point of view.
3. Who told the story?
4. Point at a sentence from the passage that shows the author’s point of view.
5. What is point of view?
6. Who is the narrator of this story?


1. What does the author think is most important?
2. How does the author feel about……?
3. What’s the difference between first and third person point of view?
4. What sentence from the passage best supports the author’s point of view?
5. How does the narrator’s point of view affect the events in the narrative?
6. How does the main character feel about……?


1. What strategies can you use to determine the author/narrator’s point of view?
2. If the author rewrote this from an opposing viewpoint, what statements would need to change?
3. What questions would you ask the author about his or her point of view during an interview?
4. How could you change this narrative so that it is written from a third person point of view?
5. What events in the narrative would change if the narrative was written from a different character’s point of view?
6. How would the character handle living in a new setting?


1. Would the author agree or disagree with the statement……and how do you know?
2. Why do you think the author chose to say……?
3. What facts does the author state?
4. What opinions does the author state?
5. What evidence can you find that the author believes……?
6. Why do you think the narrator said ……?


1. What information did the author choose to leave out because it opposed their point of view?
2. Can you trust the author’s point of view? Why or why not?
3. Is the author knowledgeable on this subject? Why or why not?
4. Would the narrative be better if it was written from a different character’s point of view?
5. Do you agree with the author’s point of view? Why or why not?
6. What would you have done differently from the main character? Why?


1. Rewrite this narrative from a different character’s point of view.
2. Rewrite this article with an opposing viewpoint.
3. How would the narrative have been different if it had been written from a first person point of view rather than a third person point of view?
4. What statements would you add to the nonfiction article to make the author’s point of view more clear?
5. Create a comic strip that clearly shows the main character’s point of view.
6. Write a diary entry from the main character’s point of view.



Free Point of View Discussion Sentence Starters to help students learn how to disagree and share different points of view in a respectful way. 




file:///C:/Users/wrooney/Downloads/Point-of-View-Nonfiction-Reusable-graphic-organizers.pdf - POV Graphic Organizer - House


https://www.teachingmadepractical.com/a-point-of-view-lesson-using-comic-strips/ - POV Comic Strips


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